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Road District Office

30W575 Roosevelt Road
West Chicago, IL 60185

Road District Mailing Address

P.O. Box 617
West Chicago, IL 60186-0617

Road E-Mail

Road District: 630-231-8850
Road District Fax: 630-231-9508

Hours: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm

Miscellaneous Maintenance

Traffic Signs

We erect and maintain most of the stop, speed limit and caution signs on Township rights-of-way. Stop signs are inspected weekly and other signs are inspected each month. If you notice a missing sign, please notify this office so we may quickly replace it and avoid potential accidents. Stop Signs and Speed Limit Signs, new or changes to existing signs, are regulated by the DuPage County Engineer. Requests for signs or sign changes must come from the Township Highway Commissioner. Do Not Contact the County directly; contact the Road District office, 630-231-8850 to start the procedure.

Winfield Ditch WorkDitch Work

Not all ditches need to be re-ditched. This work is performed April to October. Ditching is scheduled by the area (subdivision), not necessarily by the address. Restoration to the worked area will be completed at a later time. You will be put on the ditch list when you call.


We mow rural area rights-of-way 4-5 times per season.

Winfield Township maintenanceTree Removal

Trees that are dead on the Township road right-of-way are marked in the summer or early fall and then removed during the winter season. The Township does not prune or trim trees.

Litter Pick-up

Performed as necessary.


R.O.W.'s are not to be used by the homeowners, Keep the following on the homeowner's property:

  1. Fences (including invisible dog fences)
  2. Plantings (Keep landscape plantings off the R.O.W)
  3. Additional drainage (Altering existing drainage is not allowed)
  4. Decorative landscape
  5. Sprinkler Systems

Do not use the road pavement or R.O.W. for dumping gravel, mulch, black dirt, etc. All materials and/or equipment should be on the homeowner's property.

Winfield Township maintenanceAsphalt Patching

Potholes are filled as required.

Block Parties

Advance notification is required when planning a block party. Residents assume complete responsibility for this activity which includes notifying the DuPage County Sheriff's office as well as the appropriate Fire Protection District. At all times residents who live in the area must have access to their property. Signs are available at the Road District office. A deposit will be required when picking up signs and will be returned when signs are brought back to the Road District.