Constituent Survey

Hello Winfield Township Property Owner,

Below are two questions the board would like to survey its constituents on. Please note this vote is one per property.

If you have other members in your household that have opposing view please site that in the notes portion of this survey.

We appreciate your time an consideration in this process. Thank you!

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Shall Winfield Township have a single waste hauling company for all residents of unincorporated areas of Winfield Township?

It has come to the board’s attention that we could benefit the township by having its own sheriff’s deputy. For this to happen a levy must be created to acquire a deputy. The cost for one deputy is estimated annually to be $120,000.00. This levy would only be for unincorporated parcels in Winfield Township to pay.  There is an estimate of 3100 unincorporated parcels in Winfield Township. That would mean $120,000.00 divided by 3100 is an estimate of $38.71 tax to the unincorporated parcels for a deputy to be in the Township.

Shall Winfield Township hire its own deputy to patrol the unincorporated areas of Winfield Township?