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As stated on the previous pages permits are required for all work except grass cutting in the parkways. ALSO, SOME WORK THAT REQUIRES A DUPAGE COUNTY PERMIT REQUIRES A REVIEW AND A TOWNSHIP ROAD DISTRICT PERMIT/BOND. *Certi-Bonds Or Performance Not Accepted Cash or Check Only 

Projects requiring County Building Permits but exempt from Township permits and/or bonds are:

  • Satellite Dishes
  • Alarm Systems
  • Signs (except large billboards)
  • Electrical/Plumbing work

If the permit is for a room addition, shed, etc. we will issue a permit with a $1,000.00 fee for a construction bond. The bond is fully refundable after the project is completed and no damage has been found in the Township road right-of-way. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply for the refund of bond money.

Should there be any damage to the ditch, the shoulder or the road that is not corrected, we will make repairs and deduct the cost from the bond.

Under no circumstances is the Township Road pavement and /or Road Right-of-Way to be used for dumping of material.

Any time work is done in the parkway or street in front of the property a permit is required. Examples are tree planting, driveway installation or driveway replacement. It is important that the Road District be notified at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of driveway improvements. The drainage ditch and condition of the existing culvert will be evaluated. In some instances the Township will need to do ditch work or culvert replacement and to avoid having a newly paved driveway disturbed, this should be completed before any driveway improvements have started.  (Click here for Driveway Specifications)

Driveway lights and sprinkler systems cannot be installed in the parkway. They should be installed within the confines of your property. Damage to unauthorized installations is the complete responsibility of the homeowner. Unauthorized work may be removed and charges for the work assessed to the homeowner.


As of March 1, 2022 township permits are to be submitted online electronically. Permit applications are available online here.
Paper submissions will no longer be issued in office. We will have staff available to assist with the process, if you need help please call (630) 231-8850.

Residential Permits

Winfield Township Road District requires payment and/or reimbursement to the Road District for all engineering costs in connection with new construction permits for work done on or in Township Road District Rights-of-Ways or adjoining private property per Road District Ordinance Number RD 0-17-001. More information available on the website at
Click here for information

Projects requiring a $1,500 Bond

New Construction, New Driveway, Demolition work

Projects requiring a $1,000 Bond

Driveway Replacements, Concrete Patio, Sheds with concrete foundation, sprinkler systems, Inground Pools

Projects requiring a $500 Bond

Any Project involving a dumpster on site, Brick paver patios, Room Additions, Above Ground Pools

Projects requiring a $50 Bond

Any Utility work, Overweight equipment Permits

Additional Bond Information
  1. Commercial Permit – Rate determined at time of request in the amount of the improvement in the parkway.
  2. Roofing, Siding, Fences, Sheds, Above-ground Pools need to be reviewed and $1,000.00 bond may be required.
  3. Residents on private roads are required to apply for permit and bond.
  4. Mailbox structures are a potential hazard and are not condoned by the Township. A homeowner wishing to construct a mailbox structure must obtain a permit to do so. In the event a mailbox structure is damaged, repairs/replacement is the sole responsibility of the property owner.
  5. This is only a guide and is not all inclusive. Permit fees are subject to change. Any expenses (such as lawyer fees, restoration of right-of-way, removal of unauthorized drainage pipe, bank charges for returned checks, etc.) incurred by the Township due to any issue involving a permit are the responsibility of the obligor designated on the permit/bond.
  6. Permit inspections are not conducted during the winter months when snow is on the ground.

$25.00 Non-Refundable Processing fee is due at the time of pick-up

Plat of Survey is required for all work being done except roofing, siding and interior work.

Call the Road District Office, 630-231-8850 to make an appointment.

Online Permit Applications

Property Permit Application

Parking Permit Application

All Permits Require a DuPage County Permit. Click Here to go to the DuPage County Website to begin you permitting process.