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“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”
Lillian Hart Tryon

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about recycling. Recycling unwanted or unused items offers many benefits to you, to our community but most of all to our environment.Reduce Reuse Recycle
Environmental reasons for recycling are:

  • Saving Natural Resources
  • Saving Landfill Space
  • Reducing Pollution and Green House Gases
  • Saves Energy

Often the unwanted/unused items that clutter our living spaces can be re-used to produce new products or can be re-used by some other person. There are better ways to dispose of unwanted/unused items other than our local landfill. Therefore, Winfield Township and Winfield Township Road District have implemented a Recycling program as an alternative way to get rid of your unwanted/unused items.

Winfield Township Used Vegetable Cooking Oil Drop-off

Winfield Township Used Vegetable Cooking Oil Drop-off Information

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Animal Fat Not Accepted

Winfield Township Recycling Extravaganza

Save the Date September 28th, 2022

9:00AM to Noon

30W575 Roosevelt Road

West Chicago, IL 60185

Click here for all of the details about this recycling event (pdf)

To learn more about recycling opportunities visit:


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Eco-Cheat Sheet (click here)

Information for:

  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Household Hazardous Waste Regional Drop-Off Site InformationUnwanted Medicine Drop-off
  • Drop-off Locations for Used Cooking Oil
  • On-Going Recycling at SCARCE

Residential & Commercial Recycling Instructions (click here)

Visit for other Upcoming Recycling Events

Asbestos Recycling

To follow proper guidelines for disposing of Asbestos, please refer to There you will find:

  • How to handle Asbestos
  • How Asbestos is recycled
  • Asbestos safety

Recycling Informational Videos

If you are curious about proper recycling methods, check out these informational videos provided by DuPage county:

DuPage County

Conservation Foundation